Octaves, chords and songs to start playing

Octaves, chords and songs to start playing

Classify the octaves

As now you know about the sitting position and finger numbers, let’s proceed to the next step. The second step of learning piano for beginners involves distinguishing the octaves. When you closely look at the piano, you will find that after 12 keys each note repeats, this is called the octave. It will help you to find out the proper keys and notes while playing any tune. You can also take assistance from the online piano classes for a better understanding of the keynotes and octaves.  

Know the names of the notes and play the scales

The basic homework about the piano notes will help you in the future. As a beginner, if you miss all these, it might affect your knowledge of piano. The white keys from the middle C note appear in order of D E F G A B, then the octave outline replicates with the middle C. The key C is present in the white key section. To find it, you need to focus on the two black keys, the white key just down the low down black key is the C note. A strict practice of the finger exercise along with the understanding of the keynotes can help you to learn piano fast.

Placing the fingers rightly on the piano keys and playing the perfect notes according to it is essential in piano tutorials. There is a fantastic technique that you need to be acquainted with. You need to first learn the finger patterns of each hand. The finger numbers in the right hand involve 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Next, the must-learn technique includes thumbtack. To practice this technique, you would have to curl the thumb of each of your hands. With this finger position, you would need to change the position of your hand and keep on playing an expression. Now coming to the piano finger numbers for the left hand, the number orders are mirrored to the right hand. The number patterns include 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1

Songs to choose during learning the initial lessons

The most common mistake that often people tend to do is choosing the wrong tune. You cannot play difficult tunes at the beginning. Thus, you need to start with the piano song for beginners

But before that, you would have to read the music, know the keynotes and chords. After that practice it for the utmost times until you get perfection. There are several easily acquirable tunes to play on the piano. In fact, if you opt for the online piano classes, you will get suggestions for several such tunes. The first that comes in the list of the easy playlist piano tunes are the chopsticks. Most of the trainers suggest the chopsticks to the new learner. It only needs two fingers to take the tune in the grip.  

Song number two in the easiest playlist is ‘Happy birthday’ tune. Besides being easy it is one of the most popular tunes. You can also pick to learn tom play the ‘twinkle twinkle little star’. Later, when you are accustomed to all the basic methods and piano tutorials, you can try out the songs like Fur Elise, Tchaikovsky, etc.

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