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Join thousands of people who decided to take matters into their own hands (literally!) and learn how to play piano online, at home, without stress or schedules.


We believe in 3 things that make learning piano at home easy and joyful


No stress

Not having to visit any teacher at their home or at school means you don’t have to worry about stress. You can fully focus on the process of learning.


Low costs

No more spending hundreads of dollars paying for hours of private lessons on how to play piano. Just open the course any time you want and start from where you left off.



We live in a busy world and not everyone has the time to attend private lessons every 2nd or 3rd day, every week. With this course you can learn any time you want!

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For many years of our piano adventures we have seen hundreads of courses making the same mistakes over and over again. Every single one of them tried to teach people to play piano on the same old copyright-free songs. And who would want to learn to play Happy Birthday song as his first piece of music ever? 

The other mistake is teaching people to play in only one style. Of course, some people would want to stick to one style but if you are serious about playing an instrument, you will eventually want to explore other styles and even create your own. 

This course contains online piano lessons that will point you in any direction that you would like to go. It will teach you different musical styles and make you sound like a professional from the very beginning. It is a perfect mix of fun and knowledge that will make you want to learn more and more!

Other courses on how to play piano try to make you read notes in an extremely boring way. Pianoforall makes it fun and enjoyable and teaches you how to play by ear and how to read sheet music within hours. There is no other piano tutorial easy as this one.

Grab your copy and start your journey here and now – learn piano online. This is the best value for the lower possible price!


Why would you want to learn piano?

How to learn piano using piano tutorial at home

 The tune of a piano is the most comforting and pleasuring among all other musical instruments. Everyone is some part of their life to develop a desire for learning piano. Because of the enraging passion, they end up buying a piano too. But, it remains limited there. After a few attempts, when they find the mechanism is a little bit confusing, their fear and terror become an obstacle. They keep it aside and let dust store upon the device. But, if you choose the systematic way to know how to learn to play piano, you can easily make it without any learn piano app.

Playing the piano not only gives you immense pleasure but also enhances your overall skill. It improves your patience, learning ability and concentration. Moreover, it lifts your mood instantly. If you are starting to take lessons, opt to go for the piano lessons for the beginner. Furthermore, these days, there is software available online that can help you to learn the piano easily at home.


Along with the adults, the kids can also choose to take piano lessons. Moreover,
parents should encourage their children to take piano classes and learning to play. It will improve
their brain function and focus power. Moreover, learning piano will keep them
busy, they will not develop any other harmful addiction. The online piano lessons for kids are extremely
beneficial. Besides being economical, online instruction is brilliantly
arranged. The step by step coaching is remarkably represented. Thus, kids can
understand the lesson without any difficulty.   



Basic piano lessons


The rules of how to play the piano are extremely simple if you have enough patience. Learning piano is just about knowing the finger work. But, before that, you need to inculcate the right posture to sit before the piano. These two are the most basic and primary aspects to gain knowledge of. Unless you sit properly and reach up to the piano keyboard, learning to play will be hard and it will be difficult to proceed to the next step. 

How to set your position

While you sit before the instrument, make sure not to stiffen your body, just keep it loose so that it can move according to your fingers when you play piano. Also, you must keep your feet flat and back straight. To take the piano pedal in full grip, you would have to put forward the right foot. Last but not the least; you must always try to poise your body at the center of the piano. While playing the piano, slightly lean close to the instrument, and keep your arms loose so that it could swing according to your body. The stool you choose to sit on must face the piano in a square position.

Along with all these, look carefully at your elbow position. You would have to bent it a bit. You should never keep your elbows at the same level as the piano keys. Always make sure to keep it slightly higher than the keys. Keep all the gestures in your mind and follow it regularly. After a few days of practice, your body might get flexible with the piano. 

Finger work

Now comes the crucial part of the piano lessons for beginners. The very first thing you must do is set your fingers. Unless you catch the finger scales, musicals passages, chords, etc the task might get difficult. But, once you learn the whole finger work, you can play any of your favorite tunes on piano conveniently. There are several piano finger exercises that you can undertake while you play piano.

First, you need to know the piano numbering for each finger of both the hands. After that, you need to work on your finger exercise and speed. The thumb finger of each hand is number 1 in piano. The index finger is given the number 2, the middle finger is 3, ring finger 4 and the last tiny or pinky finger is number 5. Now, keeping in mind all the numbers, practice according to it. 




What Do Our Students Say About Our Piano Tutorial

In no more than 4 days I found out that playing the piano is my calling. If it wasn't for your course, I would never even try to play. I love the way you teach you play piano and I hope that you will keep doing that for a long time! Thank you so much!
online piano lessons
Steven Morgan
London, UK
I have tried multiple courses alongside private lessons from people in my area and noone could ever beat your way of teaching. The learning curve is awesome and it is not as stressfull as taking private lessons. Thank you so much for Pianoforall!
Martha Smith
Sydney, AU
Picking up the Pianoforall course was the best choice I have ever made and I am truly amazed by how much I can learn in such little time. The lessons are perfectly understandable and the learning process is suprisingly fun 🙂
piano for beginners
Eric Jansen
Tillburg, NL
Pianoforall was a gift from my brother and I wasn't even sure if I want to learn to play the piano... But gosh, from the very first lesson I knew it was going to be the greatest adventure of my life!!! This course is incredibly and I would recommend it to anyone!
piano tutorial
Hannah Johnson
Ohio, US

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